Advance - HTML+CSS

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Why this course?


  • CSS short for Cascading Style Sheet is a language you use to turn your raw and bland HTML pages into a real beautiful website.
  • This course covers it all, we start at the very basics (What is CSS? How does it work? How do you use it ?) And gradually dive deeper and deeper,and we do this by showing both practical examples as well as the theory behind it .
  •  Ofcourse this course offers the theory and practical examples we will be linking real life projects throughout the course, but there also are multiple assignments, challenges and  Quizzes for you to practice individual concepts.
  •  Hence this course provide different tracks to exactly meet your demands and reflect your current knowledge level.
  •  If this sounds good to you ,we would be more than happy to welcome you to this course.

Requirements -

  •  You should have basic knowledge about HTML.
  •  No CSS knowledge is required at all !! You will learn it all in this course!

 Here's what inside the course in detail -

  •  5-6 hours of learning videos.
  •  Multiple quiz Questions.
  •  Certificate in completion of the Course and Quizzes.
  •  Link for downloading notepad ++ Editor Software
  •  Home Assignment along with Source Code and Solution key.
  •  Online support

Course Curriculum

Module 01 - Introduction to CSS
1.1 Introduction to CSS (10:00)
Notepad++ Editor download link
1.2 CSS and its types (14:00)
1.3 CSS Selectors (Element Selector) (5:00)
1.4 CSS Selectors (Class Selector) (3:00)
1.5 CSS Selectors (Class Selectors) (8:00)
1.6 CSS Selectors (ID Selector) (3:00)
1.7 CSS Selector and Comments (3:00)
Module 02 -All About CSS
2.1 CSS Measurement Units (5:00)
2.2 CSS Colors (Standard and HEX) (6:00)
2.3 CSS Colors (RGB,HEX) (5:00)
2.4 CSS Background Properties (12:00)
2.5 CSS Border Properties (4:00)
2.6 CSS Text and Fonts Properties (9:00)
2.7 CSS Fonts Properties (5:00)
2.8 CSS Position and Margin property (12:00)
Module 03-Forms
3.1 HTML & CSS Forms (2:00)
3.2 Registration form (HTML) (19:00)
3.3 Forms (CSS) (8:00)
3.4 Covid-19 Self Survey Test Form (CSS) (1:00)
Covid-19 Self Survey Test Form source code
Module 04 - A News Website
Pandemic 2020 News Website (19:00)
News Update Website (Covid-19 updates) source code
Module 05 - Basic E-Commerce Website (Home Assignment)
E-commerce Website (3:00)
Basic E-Commerce Website Home Assignment Solution Key link (Code and Images)

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