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Build your own Smart application based projects using Arduino 

Age 12+


Language: English

Instructors: iRobokid

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Why this course?


  • Being Hands on – Mind on is one of the most unappreciated and least focussed on quality in a student’s development. In a world where there is so much emphasis on E learning and digital pedagogy, we have overshadowed the need for children to work & tinker on DIY Kits and resources.
  • As Geaver Tulley very succinctly said “Every child, and every person, deserves a chance to make something of themselves. Tinkering is a way of understanding difficult problems, of wrapping our heads around them and quantifying the unknowns.
  • Addressing this need we have, a specially designed DIY Tinkering Solution for children to work at, within the safety of their home.

Box of the Month - Theme – DIY COVID Solutions - JF

Course Curriculum

M01 - M10 : Introduction to Basics of Electronics
M01 Glowing LED using batteries
1.1 Introduction to basic components
1.2 My first Project
M02 Colour code of Resistors
2.1 Colour Code of a Resistor
2.2 Resistor Circuit
M03 Series Circuit
3.1 Introduction to Series Circuit
3.2 Series circuit
M04 Parallel Circuit
4.1 Introduction to Parallel Circuit
4.2 Parallel Circuit
M05 Fading a LED
5.1 Potentiometer
5.2 Fading LED
M06 Diode as a Switch
6.1 Introduction to Diode
6.2 Circuit using Diode
M07 Transistor as a Switch
7.1 Transistor
7.2 Transistor as a switch
M08 Two-input OR Gate
8.1 Introduction to Logic Gates
8.2 Two Input OR gate
M09 To make DIY Touch sensor
9.1 Introduction to Touch Sensor
9.2 Make Your Own Touch Sensor
M11 - M14 : Introduction to Arduino
M11 Introduction to Arduino
11.1 - Introduction To Arduino Board
11.2 - Arduino Software Installation
11.3 - Introduction To Arduino Software
11.4 - Basics Of Arduino Programming
11.5 - Inbuilt LED Blinking
M12 LED Anode and Cathode Connection
12.1 - Introduction To Breadboard, Led And Resistor
12.2 - Led Anode Connection And Programming
12.3 - Led Cathode Connection And Programming
M13 Conditional Statements
13.1 - Introduction To Conditional Statements
13.2 - Circuit Connection
13.3 - Programming
13.4 - Output
M14 Switch Case
14.1 - Introduction To Switch Case
14.2 - Circuit Connection
14.3 - Programming
14.4 - Output
M15 - M25 : Interfacing Sensors with Arduino
M15 Digital CountDown Display
15.1 Introduction To Seven Segment Display
15.2 Testing Seven Segment Display
15.3 Circuit Connection
14.4 Programming
M16 Car Parking System
16.1 Introduction To Photoresistor
16.2 Circuit Connection
16.3 Programming
M17 Social Distancing
M18 Auto Hand Sanitization
M19 Temperature Sensing
M20 LCD Interfacing with Arduino
M21 Keypad Interfacing with Arduino
M22 Password Based Home Security
M23 Interfacing 8X8 LED Matrix with Arduino
M24 Counting People using IR Sensor
M25 Smart Attendance Solution
M26 Smoke Detector

How to Use

  • ​​​​After successful purchase, this program would be added to your couarses.
  • We will ship you the kit with all the necessary resources within 3 working days (subject to lockdown restrictions).
  • All modules come with self-explanatory – comprehensive video tutorials.
  • That’s it!! Follow the instructional videos and Innovate away - Happy Learning.
  • On Completion of the course you will receive a Certificate.
  • Warranty Period – 15 days post delivery.

Any defective components and those with manufacturing defects are covered in the Warranty. Handle with Care, this box contains fragile Electronic components, do not FORCE – DROP – CRUSH – BEND the components.


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