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Why this course?


  • Technology will constantly evolve & there will be  paradigm shift in the world of Education
  • The future will be kind to those who adapt, unlearn & relearn
  • STEM Educators will be an important wheel in the world of education
  • With changes in curriculums and recognition of the importance of programs like Coding / Programming / Robotics and AI etc, there is a pent up demand for STEM Educators
  • Coding Program is designed to give the students an early exposure to designing their own animation, make a short animated story and writing a code for their own computer game using the tools available from the software and their own logic and understanding.
  • Coding helps  improve their logical and creative thinking capabilities & integrates creativity in the form of stories, games, and animations
  • If you have never programmed before, this course is the best course to start learning coding through various games, this will help you teach and embrace one of the top coding languages for children.
  • 24-30 hours of coding / 10 quizzes and 5 task / 35 video tutorials 
  • 60 Days Course validity/ Certificate of completion 
  • Online support

Course Curriculum

Importance of Coding and STEM education
How to Switch Screen
How to Switch Screen
How to Switch Screen
How to Install software
Software Link
How to Download and Install Software
Module 01- Introduction to Software
1.1 Introduction to Software
1.2 Introduction to Palette Part-1
1.3 Introduction to Palette Part-2
1.4 Introduction to Palette Part-3
1.5 Introduction to Palette Part-4
1.6 Introduction to Palette Part-5
Quiz 01
Module 02-Looks & Sound Palette
2.1 Dance Party Animation
Quiz 02
Module 03- Control & Pen Palette
3.1 Let's Draw
3.2 Robot on the Moon
Quiz 03
Module 04- Motion and Control Pallet
4.1 Under water Animation
Quiz 04
Module 05- Animation on Magic
5.1 Magic in my hand Animation
Quiz 05
Module 06-Creating Clones
6.1 Clonning of Star
Quiz 06
Module 07-Broadcast
7.1 Birthday Story Telling
Quiz 07
Module 08-Sensing Palette
8.1 Donut & Apple
Quiz 08
Module 09-Feed the Monkey- Game
9.1 Feed the Monkey Game
Quiz 09
Module 10-Snake Game
10.1 Snake Game
10.2 Snake Game
Quiz 10
Module 11 - Calculator
11.1 Let's Calculate
Task 01
Task 01 Solution
Module 12- Bouncing Ball - Game
12.1 Bouncing Ball
12.2 Bouncing Ball
12.3 Bouncing Ball
Task 02
Task 02 Solution
Module 13- Hungry Shark-Game
13.1 Hungry Shark
13.2 Hungry Shark
Task 03
Task 03 Solution
Module 14- Ninja Hatthori- Game
14.1 Ninja Hattori Game
Task 04
Task 04 Solution
Module 15- Car Parking -Game
15.1 Car Parking Game
15.2 Car Parking Game
Task 05
Task 05 Solution

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