Electrics and Electronics Live Class

Suitable for Grade 3+ students or anyone with no prior knowledge about Electronics and Electrics.

Language: English


Why this course?



  • Live Zoom classes with each Level consisting of 13 sessions.
  • Accesibilty and Extended support for the learners to resolve their doubts.
  • Essential Virtual Class Management Tools.
  • Certified course.


  • While increasing your knowledge and skills in your area of study, you’ll also be sharpening your digital skills on the most sophisticated online learning technology.
  • Learn the basics of Electronics and Electricity in the most comprehensive yet engaging way possible.
  • The course is designed to give the students early exposure to concepts in electronics by making virtual circuits.
  • Students will learn about basic electronic components like switches, batteries, motors, and photo resistor etc.
  • Students will also learn concepts like series and parallel circuit connection,, and logic gates.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to electronics and its components
Motor and Fuse
Resistor and LED
Series and Parallel circuit
Logic gates- AND, OR & NOT
NAND , NOR logic gate
RGB LED & DIP Switch
Schematic Diagram

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