tinkRbox - Electrics

Grade 3-4-5

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Why this course?


About the course -

  •  Learn the basics of Electronics and Electricity in the most comprehensive, yet fun-learning way.
  • The course is designed to give the students an early exposure of Electronic concepts, by making circuits that can be used in Home Automation.
  • Students will learn about basic electronic components like switches, batteries, motor, photo resistor etc.

This course includes :-

  • 7-8 hours of explanation and circuit connection
  • 4 quizzes
  • 9 video tutorials 
  • Certificate of completion 
  • Online support teacher@irobokid.com

Course Curriculum

Module 00- Introduction
0.1 Introduction to tinkRbox - Electrics
0.2 Unboxing tinkRBox - Electrics
Module 01 - Glowing LED using batteries
1.1 Introduction to basic components
1.2 My first Project
Module 02 - Colour code of resistors
2.1 Colour Code of a Resistor
2.2 Resistor Circuit
Module 03 - Series Circuit
3.1 Introduction to Series Circuit
3.2 Circuit Connection for Series Circuit
Module 04 - Parallel Circuit
4.1 Introduction to Parallel Circuit
4.2 Circuit Connection for Parallel Circuit
Module 05- Fading a LED
5.1 Potentiometer
5.2 Fading a LED
Module 06 - Diode as a switch
6.1 Introduction to Diode
6.2 Circuit using Diode
Module 07 - Transistor as a switch
7.1 Transistor
7.2 Circuit to use Transistor as a Switch
Module 08 - Two-input OR Gate
8.1 Introduction to Logic Gates
8.2 Circuit Connection for OR Gate
Module 09 - To make DIY Touch sensor
9.1 Introduction to Touch Sensor
9.2 Make Your Own Touch Sensor

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