The elephant has begun to dance.

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The elephant has begun to dance. Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? This iconic book is an account of how a big lumbering elephant began to dance, this is the story of IBM's competitive and cultural transformation. In 1990, IBM had its most profitable year ever. By 1993, the computer industry had chan...


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Let’s MAKE INDIA 15 years ago learning how to use a computer was a luxury. Not everyone used it. So the ones who used computers or rather had to use them, were the only ones who learned it. That’s when schools realised that in the future it would be very important for students to have basic compute...

Totally Inconsequential !

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Totally Inconsequential ! A conversation with a school quickly went south, when they made me realise how un important the program I was suggesting, was for them, in the greater scheme of things of running a school. Firmly back on the ground, it really got me thinking about my school days, the learn...

Coding Our Lives

access_time 2022-02-25T10:17:46.493Z face Kaushal Chheda
Coding Our Lives There has been not a more enigmatic and mysterious topic in children’s education and development then Coding & Programming. With no resources required and not a material product visible, its hard to believe that the language and logic of programming can be the backbone of the funct...

Code to Survive

access_time 2022-02-25T10:12:44.251Z face Kaushal Chheda
Code to Survive The power of the human mind is intense. It is capable of achieving things that any artificial intelligence is far from reaching. All of this and more, it all is possible because of the human mind’s ability to evaluate and analyse situations; the human mind is capable of reasoning; i...

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