Why did we start FLITE – 

Several years ago, the poet WB Yeats famously said “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.". This one single quote defines what we do at iRobokid and especially with FLITE. 

Being in the world of STEM Education for over a decade now, we have realized two things.

1) Firstly, STEM Education is very important for the overall development of children. ( No this does not mean, the child will become the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates), but this does give every child an opportunity to get an early exposure to technologies of tomorrow 

2) Further, its “expensive “ to learn these programs. Either parents need to have sufficient resources, time and domain expertise to teach their wards or schools need to have resources or trained teachers with the domain knowledge.

So our goal is to simply “ Make STEM Education accessible for all “ and hopefully soon there will be enough fires lit and ignited minds.

Below are some of the thoughts that may come to one’s mind. 

What is FLITE – 

FLITE is a platform / software as a service for schools. FLITE or (Future Learning in Technology Education) gives a one stop solution & plug and play model for any school to adapt to teach programs like Coding / App Building / HTML / Robotics etc to their students. 

What programs are possible – 

Without resources – (Only Computers needed) – Coding / App Building / HTML & CSS / Java / Python / Electrics & Electronics With resources – (tinkRbox kits + Computers wherever needed) - Simple Machines / Electrics / Robotics (Arduino) 

What does FLITE constitute of – 

It is the complete curriculum / sessions plan / teaching tools / grading and assessment tools which teachers can use to teach these programs to the students of the school. It also includes an extensive 4 – 7 day training for the school teachers 

Who is this for ? 

These are schools across all boards, be it CBSE / ICSE / State Boards / IB etc. The schools can run these programs as an Activity Class / Co-curricular program / Lab Set up or Extra Curricular Program 

How much does it cost ? 

The costing is broken into 3 parts 

1) One Fixed Component which includes Onboarding Costs / Training Costs and Transfer of Content 

2) Secondly a small variable cost which is a per student cost, which goes as high as 500/ student / year. (Yes, lower then most monthly recharges) and roughly translates to around 2 rs / day. Best part is this is only for 3 years, post that it becomes free for the school 

3) Finally an optional cost of keeping us on board for Support or a pay per requirement use post the 3rd year, which can include new programs / further training / customisation etc 

Want to know more. We would love to explain more - Please mail us at support@irobokid.com or call us at 9892362551 (Kaushal)

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We are a leading STEM Education company, based of the Indian sub-continent, and have been voted Best Vocational Robotics & STEM Education Company for 2018 & 2020 by AICRA at the INDIA STEM SUMMIT & AWARDS.

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